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First Light 2016

2016_First_Light_FinalI welcomed in the new year in El Paso, Texas this year.  From this location you can see not only Texas, but New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico.

My thoughts traveled to the countries that I have visited and the “such a small world” feeling that consistently pervades interactions and events. At the same time, we have politicians who wish to build walls to keep out some of our neighbors.  Looking out from this scenic overlook, it is hard to locate the exact lines which mark the borders and “ours” from “theirs.”  The desert on one side looks the same as the desert on the other…as do the plants, insects, and birds.  While there might be differences among the people on Earth, approach the new year with the knowledge that we are all in this together.

For the past 9 years, I’ve shot the sunrise on Jan. 1 as a way to welcome the new year.


American Photography 31

I’m excited to say that 2 of my images from the Sochi Olympics were selected to be printed in the American Photography 31 Annual Book!  The award party was held in NY last week, and it was a special experience to see the first copies of the book and see all of the images displayed on the walls of the Angel Orensanz Foundation…. not to mention, it was a great party! To have my images included with such a talented group of photographers pretty much made my day.  Thanks to all of the judges and to American Photography.

Looking Up, Looking Down Under the Aerials Jump.  Looking up, Looking down.  Sochi ©2014 IOC/Jason Evans

Opening Ceremony - Bolshoi Ballet - SochiOpening Ceremony Sochi Olympics.  Bolshoi Ballet. ©2014 IOC/Jason Evans


One Run I Won

Here is the first set of images from a series titled “One Run I Won.”

Every run is exciting but it is still a challenge.  Long runs always involve pain and pushing past the point of comfort.  I’ve never heard anyone describe training for a marathon as a pleasurable experience.  But, every year thousands of athletes train and compete in these races.  With that in mind, we came up with the idea of “One Run I Won.”  Every run, every step is a victory.  Every run you complete, whether a race, or a training run by yourself, is a run you have won.

This is a fun collaboration I’ve been working on with some friends.  We produced a short video and still images simultaneously as is common on commercial shoots these days.  Please take a look at the still images and the video contained in these two separate blog posts and stay tuned for the next edition.

#OneRunIWon #WE


2014 First Light

Every January 1st, I make an image with the first light of the new year.  This is year number 7, and at 20degrees, one of the coldest.

Thanks to Greg for handling the cold like a champ.

What a great way to start the year!

Best Wishes to everyone in 2014.  Jason