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American Photography 33 Photo Annual Winners

These 2 diving images from the RIO Olympics were Selected to be included in American Photography’s 2017 Photo Annual. The shots were both taken during practice before the Olympics had officially started. Working for the IOC gave me some great access and allowed me the freedom to find these 2 angles.

Both Images ©2016 International Olympic Committee/ Jason Evans – All Rights Reserved

About the Contest:


Sochi Olympics Final Day

As I prepare for the final hockey game and the closing ceremony tonight,  I feel a touch of sadness that it will all be ending soon. The hard work of the last 3 weeks is almost forgotten in a blur and all that will remain is the photographs I select to become a part of my history and the memories that I can remember after the next couple weeks.

With that said, here are a few highlights from these Games.

A hockey puck fell and my feet during a game giving me a great souvenir.

We have technology that allowed me to call home on Valentine’s Day.

I stood at the finish line of the women’s skeleton and captured their tears as they waved into my camera.

Watching Bruce Bennet play a piano concerto with 5 remotes and at least 2 cameras around his neck for every hockey game.

And the best part is getting a tan while chasing cross country skiers and calling it work.

As photographers, we are fortunate to do what we do.

The Olympics has been posting my photos to their instagram and Facebook pages.  Here’s a few more of the images they have posted.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram.  I’m @afrotographer and I’ll be posting more soon.  You can follow @olympics on Instagram and The Olympic Games on Facebook as well. Thanks for reading. Jason

All images © IOC/Jason Evans



Sochi Olympics Week 1

Officially, my first week in Sochi  finished on February 9th, so I am a little tardy with this post.  My fitbit told me that a week had passed, otherwise, it would be hard to tell.  After a week of little sleep and constantly being on the move, time runs together in a good way and you can concentrate only on the tasks at hand.  Auto pilot kicks in for most tasks and you can focus on the pictures.  Eating and sleeping become completely optional. Coffee is not optional.

I bought a fit bit before I left just to track what kind of physical activity a photographer performed at the Olympics.  The weekly report says I took, 149,792 steps, for a total of 69.71 miles, climbed 296 floors, and burned 25,541 calories.  This seems crazy to me and I’m willing to concede that the device probably gives me a step or two every time I put the camera up to my eye and pull it back down, this happens often, and I probably get 30-40 steps every time I wash my hands, which also happens often, but I did climb up and down the 1/2 pipe 4 times, once just to try to keep warm during a long break, twice up and down the slope style course, yes it is long, and once up and down the moguls course, which was the steepest of all. I can’t image going down it on a pair of skis!  Regardless of the actual numbers this is a physically demanding job as each of these hikes was performed with at least 30 pounds of camera gear.

The venues are spectacular, the mountains are beautiful, and the competitions are intense. I’m still trying to come down after shooting the women’s skeleton from the finish line.

The Olympics has been posting my photos to their instagram and Facebook pages.  Here’s a look at what they have posted.

If you want to follow me on instagram,  I’m @afrotographer and I’ll be posting more soon.  You can follow @olympics on Instagram and The Olympic Games on Facebook as well. Thanks for reading. Jason

All images © IOC/Jason Evans