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American Photography 33 Photo Annual Winners

These 2 diving images from the RIO Olympics were Selected to be included in American Photography’s 2017 Photo Annual. The shots were both taken during practice before the Olympics had officially started. Working for the IOC gave me some great access and allowed me the freedom to find these 2 angles.

Both Images ©2016 International Olympic Committee/ Jason Evans – All Rights Reserved

About the Contest:


2012 London Olympics – Invasion of the Bubble People

I’m back from the Olympics and reliving all of the spectacle and events I was able to witness and photograph. One of the greatest things about this project, and working for the International Olympic Committee,  is that I was able to witness some of the not-so-obvious and scenes behind the scenes. One of my favorites was shooting diving from an underwater perspective.  The divers take on this look of another species after plunging into the clean blue. Sort of  like their own underwater tribe…. The Bubble People.

This is the first of a series of blog entries about my experiences at the 2012 London Olympics.  An overall view of  images are now posted on my website.  Images that appear here may or may not be on the website and images from the website might not appear on my blog, so take a look at both.  Head on over to my gallery of Olympics images here if you want to see more pictures.

Thanks, Jason

All Rights Reserved  ©2012  Jason Evans/IOC