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Surf Fest IV in Newport, RI

The Water Brothers Surf Fest in Newport, RI was never a small, but Sid and Danielle Abruzzi raised the bar for this fourth version of the event.

The annual event included a half pipe and several hundred vintage surf boards all contained within Fort Adams, the same venue which houses the Folk and Jazz Festivals. Neil of Tora surfboards put on a shaping demonstration and awards were given to the owners of the best boards. Special guests included Tony Alva, Peter Townend, and Mike Tabeling.

Here are some pictures from the event.  Well done Sid!  We’re all looking forward to doing it again next year.




Reason to love New England #147


Don’t ask me what the other 146 reasons are.  They constantly change… but there are too many to list.

Today’s reason is that while most people were just getting up and starting to shovel their cars out after Hercules dumped snow on us, a few souls braved the negative wind chills to find solitary surf.  Snow covered cars, unplowed roads, single digit temps, 20mph winds, frozen salt water covering the rocks – it didn’t matter.  The call to surf is strong.

Here’s to winter surfing!


2014 First Light

Every January 1st, I make an image with the first light of the new year.  This is year number 7, and at 20degrees, one of the coldest.

Thanks to Greg for handling the cold like a champ.

What a great way to start the year!

Best Wishes to everyone in 2014.  Jason


Surfing the Nothings

Tuesday was colder and the surf smaller than the previous few days. The sky and light were amazing, though, and I had to pull over to take a picture on my way to check the surf. The only place I could find was a cemetery.  Respect to the McIntyres…13-5-14_2ndBeach_0010


We held court on the wall trying to decide whether to surf or not.  Then Katie showed up, put on this hat, and the decision was made.  Got to surf when friends come home.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0023


After a few hours of surf and catching up with everyone, it was time to take pictures.  What a sky!13-5-14_2ndBeach_0067


Greg and Cheyne called in sick and stayed in the water all day. Here they are discussing hydrodynamics and fin selection.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0029


Then one of the rare sets came through and they got back to surfing.13-5-14_2ndBeach_007913-5-14_2ndBeach_008213-5-14_2ndBeach_0078-1


Greg doesn’t surf so much as walk on water…



Greg spotted an outside set and had to warn me before a wave destroyed my camera. See the concern in his face.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0043


After saving my camera and the day, Greg went out to catch one of these monster waves for himself.13-5-14_2ndBeach_005013-5-14_2ndBeach_0074


Pete showed up to watch and the coolness factor went through the roof.  Check out that helmet.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0099


Pete knew someone out in the water and blew his cool. “Hi! Hey I know that guy!”13-5-14_2ndBeach_0089


Thankfully, Pete composed himself quickly and coolness was restored.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0086     13-5-14_2ndBeach_0071     13-5-14_2ndBeach_0034   Click on this link for more images.

Small Day of Surf in RI.