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A few days ago I was out for a swim at my favorite swim beach with my girlfriend. The sky was grey, windy, pretty cold and it was threatening to rain. Aside from the two lifeguards obligated to stay until the first raindrops, we were the only ones there… or so we thought.

Enter Ainsley, steamrolling through the water in full butterfly stroke straight toward us carving through the significant chop like butter.After wiping looks of awe off of our faces we found her mom and introduced ourselves. We would meet the next morning to capture some images of this determined athlete at the same beach.

Ainsley was training for state competitions back in Colorado while here on summer break with her family. Her youth, just 12 years old, mixed with her natural born athleticism were so inspiring. As I prep for the Olympics and get ready to head to Rio, it is this hopeful, determined and optimistic energy I look forward to most.

Ainsley, maybe we’ll see you at the next one… I don’t doubt that we will!

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2015 First Light

Every January 1st, I make an image with the first light of the new year.  This is year number 8.

This is the first shot from outside of Rhode Island and in the waters of Mexico, by far the warmest New Years yet.

What a great way to start the year!

Best Wishes to everyone in 2015.  Jason


International Yacht Restoration School unveils their new website

The International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, RI is known as the premier wooden boat building school in the country. It has a huge following and a long waiting list for admission. They recently added Marine Systems and Composites programs and needed new images to showcase these new programs and continue to capitalize on their heritage. IYRS contacted me to shoot these images and here are a few. Working with IYRS was a unique and wonderful experience because of the amazing creations that they craft and creative freedom they allowed me. You can see how IYRS has used the images on their website here. and read about their experience on their blog here IYRS Blog Please take a look at my website as well for more IYRS images here.


Reason to love New England #147


Don’t ask me what the other 146 reasons are.  They constantly change… but there are too many to list.

Today’s reason is that while most people were just getting up and starting to shovel their cars out after Hercules dumped snow on us, a few souls braved the negative wind chills to find solitary surf.  Snow covered cars, unplowed roads, single digit temps, 20mph winds, frozen salt water covering the rocks – it didn’t matter.  The call to surf is strong.

Here’s to winter surfing!


Surfing the Nothings

Tuesday was colder and the surf smaller than the previous few days. The sky and light were amazing, though, and I had to pull over to take a picture on my way to check the surf. The only place I could find was a cemetery.  Respect to the McIntyres…13-5-14_2ndBeach_0010


We held court on the wall trying to decide whether to surf or not.  Then Katie showed up, put on this hat, and the decision was made.  Got to surf when friends come home.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0023


After a few hours of surf and catching up with everyone, it was time to take pictures.  What a sky!13-5-14_2ndBeach_0067


Greg and Cheyne called in sick and stayed in the water all day. Here they are discussing hydrodynamics and fin selection.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0029


Then one of the rare sets came through and they got back to surfing.13-5-14_2ndBeach_007913-5-14_2ndBeach_008213-5-14_2ndBeach_0078-1


Greg doesn’t surf so much as walk on water…



Greg spotted an outside set and had to warn me before a wave destroyed my camera. See the concern in his face.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0043


After saving my camera and the day, Greg went out to catch one of these monster waves for himself.13-5-14_2ndBeach_005013-5-14_2ndBeach_0074


Pete showed up to watch and the coolness factor went through the roof.  Check out that helmet.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0099


Pete knew someone out in the water and blew his cool. “Hi! Hey I know that guy!”13-5-14_2ndBeach_0089


Thankfully, Pete composed himself quickly and coolness was restored.13-5-14_2ndBeach_0086     13-5-14_2ndBeach_0071     13-5-14_2ndBeach_0034   Click on this link for more images.

Small Day of Surf in RI.